Northern Virginia is starting to realize that uranium mining is a threat to their watershed as well! Check out what they're doing to fight uranium!

See a list of entities who support maintaining the moratorium on uranium mining.

A letter to Governor McDonnell from SENATOR FRANK RUFF, SENATOR BILL STANLEY, DELEGATE DON MERRICKS, DELEGATE DANNY MARSHALL, DELEGATE JAMES EDMUNDS and DELEGATE TOMMY WRIGHT, asking that he not develop regulations for uranium mining in opposition of the will of the General Assembly.

Statement of Senator Frank Ruff, Senator Bill Stanley, Delegate Don Merricks, Delegate Danny Marshall, Delegate James Edmunds and Delegate Tommy Wright on the decision of Senator Watkins to strike his bill on lifting the moratorium.

Go to your kitchen and turn on the faucet. What do you expect? Water will come out. That water will be clean and drinkable. This small, everyday action that we take for granted could be jeopardized for many Virginians by state legislative action this winter.

Virginians are facing a threat that could pollute their water sources and make them unusable for consumption in worst-case scenarios. Fishing and boating are threatened. Tourism and farming are threatened. Our economy, and yes, our drinking water are threatened.

Currently, Virginia has a moratorium on all uranium mining, but Virginia Uranium, Inc. (VUI) wants the General Assembly to lift that moratorium. They want to mine for uranium in an area where water sources could be pol­luted with the byproducts. Studies show, one major cataclysmic disaster and all those toxic pollutants go right into our valuable water sources.

This is a risk the Commonwealth cannot afford to take. Contact your Delegate and Sena­tor and let them know – lifting the moratorium is a threat to our health, and the CommonHealth of Virginia.

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